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“A New World… A World of Love

A world that speaks the language of love
A world full of all colours bright,
Of greens and flowers and the scent of bliss,
A world with joyful hearts and peaceful minds,
A world where we breathe the air of freedom,
A world where we live as One World One Family,
A world of one religion called love,
A world of Love.
A world of excellence and divinity
A world where words sound like music
A world where every voice is a divine message
A world with no chaos but only bliss
A world where we look within and sing
A world with a culture of loving hearts
A world of Love.

Let's create ‘A world of Love’.”

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01. Individual Evolution
02. Journey of Evolution of Consciousness
03. Involution and Evolution
04. Purity
05. Power of Acknowledgement
06. How to Deal With Responsibility
07. The Attainment of Almighty Power
08. The Music of Life
09. Exaltation and Sensation
10. Art of Personality
11. Independence and Indifference
12. Overlooking
13. Conciliation
14. Reaction and Response
15. Consideration
16. Tact
17. Innocence
18. Holiness
19. Resist Not Evil
20. Satisfaction
21. Harmlessness
22. Unselfish Actions
23. Hope
24. Patience
25. Power of Faith
26. Judging
27. Optimism and Pessimism
28. Human Nature and Character
29. Divine Wisdom
30. Desires
31. Tranquility
32. Respect
33. Generosity
34. Modesty
35. Honour
36. Fear
37. Justice and Forgiveness
38. Temptation
39. Tolerance
40. Forgiveness
41. Endurance
42. Piety
43. Spirituality
44. Conventionality
45. Cooperation
46. Appreciation
47. The Voice
48. Subtlety of Nature
49. Attitude
50. Curiosity for Self Discovery
51. Humanity in Character
52. Friendship
53. Relationships
54. Grades of Evolved Beings
55. Nature of An Evolved Being
56. Need for Evolution
57. Global Transformation Through Meditation
58. Unity in Variety
59. Liberal and Conservative Approach
60. Expansion of Our World
61. Universal Freedom
62. Future Generations
63. Spark of Divine Light
64. Refinement of Ego
65. Approach to Wealth
66. Communion with The Divine
67. Universal Transformation with Meditation
68. Living Religion
69. Attitude of Humanity
70. Heart Culture
71. Brotherhood
72. Harmony
73. Beauty
74. One World One Family
75. World Reconstruction
76. The Ages of the World
77. A New World

The universe is all one, from the lowest insect to the highest Yogi. It is all one, we are all one, you and I are one. Lets Meditate. Lets Evolve. Lets Expand. Lets Become Love.

Volume 05 - A NEW WORLD comprehends every aspect of the current condition of our world and human culture. It caters to the attributes and actions needed for each one of us to collectively Evolve to an Angelic level of being and consciousness creating a A New World of Love for each one of us.


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This is what I have been searching for my whole life. Its like the whole knowledge is already within now that the books have come. I can't describe the joy. I opened the set and I cried as I saw the beautiful writing. It's privilege and an honour to own such a heart filled books. May this precious books touch the heart and souls of whole of humanity. This is a treasure that one must have in each home. For me it has come at the right time. Thank you for this beautiful gift of Love & Light for Humanity.

Binaifer Mogal

This book 'Evolve' stirred my Soul and expanded my vision and imagination.It's beautiful and well designed book created with lot of love and care. This reminds me of a saying that 'A good book has no ending'.I am really astonished and pleased to see the wide range of subjects dealt with great depth in this book.

Chitra Subramanyam

It’s like comfort food for the soul. I was blessed with a moment of sheer delight, for it arrived within days of ordering. Opening the cover was like the moment, I could feel the atmosphere light up. It’s certainly shedding new & fresh light, even on light itself. I am constantly looking for times to read, each visit, no matter of short, offering much appreciated food for the soul. Can’t thank enough the authors and all involved in getting this book published and distributed. An endeavour to be proud of.

Laura Clifton

It is wonderful to know that you have gifted the world such a wonderful product. The whole wisdom of Spirituality is presented in this set. I just held the books in my hands and connected myself deep within to feel the essence of the book. It was a feel of tranquility filled with white light. As I glanced through the book, I was in a meditative state.

Nandkumar Pradhan

It is my humble opinion that it is a wonderful book of reference to be read and re-read many times deeply to understand completely. Hope this book will achieve its purpose in my life, to live the best version of my life. Such a huge and deep content conceptualised, authored and published within a span of seven years is unassuming.


The titles are really very interesting and reading through is a great experience and enlightenment. It was worth waiting for about 5 years for this series. Great effort under Master's guidance.


The Evolve Book Series will be the best choice for those who want to know the answers for the questions related to the life of a human on this earth, we feel satisfied while reading the book.

B.Sai Sireesha

I have found this book to be intriguing, informative, and enlightening. The book will amuse you throughout & will change your inner cognition.The authors' have presented it beautifully with lucidity & engaging concepts. The book takes you to the journey towards decoding your divine reality, the time can be even now for your real & glorious transformation. Truly an Amazing Book.

Swapnal Agrawal

As rightly said that we have two choices, either we evolve or we repeat. The book evolve is like a ladder to become the evolved version of ourselves. The basic to most mysterious facts of universe is explained in very simplified form for all of us to understand easily. It's a book which can be read again and again, and every-time we read there will surely be something new that we can learn and unlearn from it. I would like to congratulate to the authors to make their purpose of life towards betterment of human life.

Dr.Trupti Jindal

This book enlightens the reader about the realms of higher dimensions of existence. It is thought-provoking treatise and wonderfully depicts the metaphysics of the existence. This book illustrates the decoding of creation, journey of manifestation of a soul, journey of homecoming and unravels many secrets of the mystical knowledge. It also prescribes the attitudes, practices and tools for enabling and accelerating our evolution. Highly recommended to the sincere seekers on the path of realization.

Vikas Bonde



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