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Born and raised in a humble and liberal family and studying in a Convent School, Veena was exposed to multi-cultural, multi-religious communities from her growing years.

Curious about Spiritual Science since early teenage years, she started exploring Meditation on her own when she was about 15 years of age. There was a meditation temple in the small hill station she was brought up and she would spend a few hours sitting in silence effortlessly. These are her initial footsteps on the path of spirituality.

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As years went by and one thing lead to another, she was introduced with the healing practice of Reiki for self healing. And that was the remarkable point when she met her first guide to take her on this journey. She learned different forms of healing practices and different forms of meditation.

Whilst practising these forms, she found there was something much more out there than what she had experienced and learned so far and at that point she got introduced to a system that changed her life forever, The Heartfulness Way of meditation (Then known as Sahaj Marg under Shri Ram Chandra Mission) where she knew her path was set to reach the Ultimate Goal.

An innate sense of reaching out to the world and spreading the message of Spiritual Evolution and Global Oneness and ultimately attaining the Oneness with The Source was thriving in her and with regular meditation practice she identified her purpose of life. Veena has been an ardent Meditation practitioner and an evangelist of Meditation practices for over 15 years now.

At parallel, she pursued the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, and soon after graduating from college moved on to co-found an Architectural Design Company

which won Leadership Excellence awards within the first 7 years of practice, further diversified and explored a few more arenas of the corporate world with the in-built entrepreneurial skills and along with her business partner, Nehha Lohiya who is also her co-author of this book.

Being a Co-founder and Director of two companies she came to understand that the material world and the corporate hamster wheel alone would not add value in her pursuit of enabling Evolution and uplifting the Global Consciousness; and this led her to make a choice in the year 2016, of dedicating full time in the extensive research and curation on the subject of which questions echo in the minds of all humankind.

Under the guidance of her spiritual guide, Daaji - Shri Kamlesh D. Patel and the guidance channelled from all the Masters and guides in Existence, she has worked on these books with complete dedication and surrender.

Today, she leads a life of an artist, entrepreneur, a change maker, influencer, motivational speaker, healer, author and a life time ambassador of Meditation and Spiritual Practices.

This book series is their attempt to share the invaluable knowledge they have attained collectively from various higher spiritual sources and energies.

Meditation is the only way we all can Evolve as human beings is what they firmly believe in and now work as ambassadors of Meditation and Spiritual practices with a hope of seeing and experiencing a New World for all of us, a world of Love, Peace, Harmony and Bliss.

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