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Born and brought up in a very spiritually aspired family, she was blessed to get a very conducive environment for her spiritual growth and evolution as a being.

Her parents having immense faith in the almighty have been a major instrument to inspire and support her in her spiritual pursuits. At an very early age of about twenty she was fortunate to be a part of a recital of a very profound Vedic scripture termed 'Shreemad Bhagwatam' which enlightened her with the basic knowledge of the purpose of human life. It inspired her to dedicate and orient her life towards that purpose and started with chanting of Hare Krishna mantra and reciting devotional songs in the temple housed at her residence.

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She spent hours in that charged space absorbing and learning deeper realities of spiritual knowledge. After about a year of continuing with this practice she felt the need to evolve further with more advanced spiritual practices. This aspiration introduced her to another very profound spiritual practice of Heart based Meditation offered by Heartfulness Institute, then known as Shree Ram Chandra Mission. For the last 13 years she has been an ardent practitioner of Meditation and considers this practice under the guidance of her spiritual guide to be the navigator of our evolutionary journey since then.

This practice has contributed not only in her spiritual evolution but also in her material progress as a student of Architecture during college days and post that in her professional endeavours as a co-founder and director of a design company co-founded with a college friend, who also is the co-author of this book series. During her professional life she always felt this deep and innate inspiration to identify and follow her real purpose of life, which certainly was not chasing material success. After working in the corporate environment for about ten years she finally made a choice to pause the hamster wheel and contemplate on her purpose, how she can contribute to the spiritual upliftment of the planet.

Giving it about three months of silent listening and meditating on finding the right path, both she and her business partner, Veena Verma who fortunately was also a Meditation practitioner since her early days, resonated on dedicating their potential to the extensive research in the field of spiritual science.

They walked this journey of study and research for about five years, almost living almost as urban monks, gaining the treasure of spiritual knowledge under the guidance and blessing of their spiritual guide, Shri Kamlesh D. Patel (Daaji). They both felt the need of sharing this ocean of wisdom with the entire humanity to enable human evolution to higher spheres and dimensions.

This book series is their attempt to share the invaluable knowledge they have attained collectively from various higher spiritual sources and energies.

Meditation is the only way we all can Evolve as human beings is what they firmly believe in and now work as ambassadors of Meditation and Spiritual practices with a hope of seeing and experiencing a New World for all of us, a world of Love, Peace, Harmony and Bliss.

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